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Motobilt Aluminum Fuel Cell with Steel Skid for Back Half Kit - JK

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The Motobilt Aluminum Fuel Cell with Steel Skid is a premium solution for relocating the factory fuel tank on a Jeep from the passenger center of the vehicle to the rear when you are looking to add space for a true triangulated 4 link rear suspension.

Designed specifically to function seamlessly with our MB3025 Jeep JK/JKU Back Half Kit, this aluminum fuel cell system simply bolts in place & makes the process of building a fully custom Jeep easy & fast.  Our complete fuel tank system was expertly designed using the latest in 3D CAD technology to ensure a perfect fit. (ONLY FITS THE MOTOBILT JK/JKU BACK HALF FRAME KIT. IT WILL NOT FIT A FACTORY FRAME.)

The 20.9 Gallon (79 liter) capacity tank is constructed from 1/8” aluminum that is precision CNC laser cut & accurately CNC press brake formed.  The formed aluminum tank is professionally TIG welded & includes a CNC machined fuel pump mount which features an o-ring groove engineered for the factory Jeep fuel pump seal for fuel tight & leak free connection.  We’ve also included CNC machined aluminum bungs for the fuel filler & fuel filler vent.  The tank accepts your factory Jeep fuel pump assembly. 

The front side of tank & skid plate features a recess which is engineered to clearance your differential cover for larger axles under full suspension compression.  The rear of the skid plate is angled to increase your departure angle.  The aluminum tank is separated from contacting the steel skid by 1/8” thick neoprene rubber which dampens vibrations, prevents galvanic corrosion between dissimilar metals & eliminates rubbing, scratches & rattling.  We also include three (3) bolt-on rubber bumpers at the rear of the tank which simply bolt into preinstalled threaded bungs on our Back Half Kit.  These rubber bumpers act as a cushion & eliminate vibration & rattling.

The heavy duty 100% American made high strength steel skid plate protects your aluminum tank from rocks & trail abuse.  The skid plate features weep holes on all four corners to allow mud & debris to be flushed.

Weight: 80lbs

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