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Motobilt Crusher Series Rear Fenders - Bare Steel - JK

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Tired of those huge extra wide fenders? Then set your Jeep apart from the rest with these 2-inch-wide Jeep Rear Fenders. Made from 3/16" laser cut steel plate they are ready for the toughest trails on earth. The cutting-edge design allows these fenders to fit perfectly and their raw finish means you can match them to your specific needs. No need to hope they match your setup as you can customize them for the perfect look. The Motobilt Jeep Crusher Series front fenders give you that ultra-high clearance that you need for big tires but still have the look and protection of a heavy-duty steel fender flare.

The Motobilt Jeep Rear Crusher SeriesFenders are a bolt on design. Their design does allow an extra 1 ½ inches to be removed from the factory fender well opening to be removed from the front and another 1 1/2 inches in the back to accommodate larger tires if you choose.

Included are a passenger and driver side rear fender flare and all the necessary mounting hardware for the front of your Jeep.


  • Material 3/16 steel
  • 2-inch flare
  • Raw metal
  • Inner fender not included

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