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Motobilt Fuel Access Hatch - Bare Steel - JK

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Part Number: MB5019
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The Motobilt Rear Fuel Tank Access Hatch Kit provides convenient access to the fuel pump & connections when relocating fuel tank to the rear on your modified Jeep. This premium builder kit is designed to function seamlessly with our other builder kits including MB3025 Back Half Kit & MB5013 Aluminum Fuel Cell with Steel Skid for Back Half Kit.

The factory location of the fuel tank on a Jeep is less than ideal when seeking to install a 4-link rear suspension. When you make the leap to relocating your passenger side mounted factory fuel tank to a rear mounted aluminum fuel tank in a Jeep, one of the issues is easy access to your fuel pump.

Our kit is the solution. Our kit provides you with a topside removable access hatch located at the rear center interior of the bed area of a Jeep. No need to crawl under your vehicle & drop the gas tank. You simply unscrew twelve (12) #10-24 stainless steel screws & presto! Instant access to your fuel pump!

This kit is constructed from 14 Ga (0.075" thick) steel that is precision laser cut & includes a flush mounted & removable access hatch plate, along with a large bed area cover plate. We have inset the access hatch plate, so it sits perfectly flush & provided you with preinstalled rivnuts making the removal of the access hatch easy to do from the topside.

This kit requires cutting into the floor of the bed area.This product ships unwelded & unfinished, so you can paint any color to match your vehicle.

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