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Motobilt Fuel Cell Mount for 30x9x12

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Part Number: MB3000
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The Motobilt Fuel Cell Mount for the MB5005was designed utilizing the latest 3D CAD design software to ensure a proper fit. The kit consists of three parts including the main under tank plate and two clamp bodies. The main under tank plate is a one-piece design unlike some of the others on the market. If you are using an RCI 2161a you must verify the locations of the filler neck and other components before ordering our mount.

This design cost a little more to manufacture due to the large plate. It eliminates the sharp edges coming in contact with the bottom side of the fuel cell. This can be important in some situations where you may have body and/or chassis flex. The under-tank plate is CNC Laser Cut from .125-inch-high strength steel plate. You can weld your own mounting brackets to the bottom if needed or utilize the 8 bolt holes already in the part.

The 2 clamp down bodies capture the top and all four sides of the tank and bolt securely to the mounting base. These parts are CNC Laser Cut but from 16-gauge steel. The parts are formed on a hydraulic press brake.

  • Fuel Cell Mount for the MB5005 or other cells measuring 30 in x 9 in x 12 in
  • CNC Laser Cut but from 16-gauge steel
  • Under tank plate CNC laser cut from .125-inch-high strength steel plate
  • Press brake formed
  • Sold as kit


  • The Fuel cell mount is ships bare metal. You will need to paint or powder coat the part
  • The bolts required are not included
  • The fuel cellis not included with the mount
  • This universal mount and can be used in off-road vehicles, rat rods, street rods, drag racing, and more

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