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Motobilt Mid-Width Front Bumper w/ Stinger - Bare Steel - LJ/TJ/YJ

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Part Number: MB1021-S
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Check out the 42-inch-wide mid width rock crawler bumper. Motobilt offers high quality hand fabricated products for your Jeep. We utilize CNC cutting and forming operations for precision, but the welding and finishing is completed by hand in our shop. We take pride in offering Made in the USA products. It incorporates bolt locations for your favorite winch. The bumper is fabricated from 3/16-inch-high strength steel plate. The bumper features 3/4-inch-thick d-ring mounts. The d-ring mounts pass through the bumper and are welded on both sides for added strength. The bumper bolts on using four bolts on the top side of the frame and two bolts on the bottom of the frame. The bumper does not include hardware to bolt on. The bumper is shipped bare steel for you to paint or powder coat to the color of your choice.


  • 3/4-inch-thick steel d-ring mounts
  • Pass through d-ring mounts welded on both sides
  • Fabricated from 3/16-inch-thick high strength steel plate
  • Ability to bolt on winch -incorporated winch plate
  • Made in the USA
  • Sold as each


  • If installing a winch, MB1002 fairlead mount will also need to be purchased
  • Motobilt bumpers ships bare steel, paint or powder coat needed before use
  • Bolt on hardware not included

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