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Motobilt Rocker Armor - Bare - JL 4Dr

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Motobilt Jeep Rocker Armor offers high clearance protection for your Jeep. We manufacture our products using high standards and quality materials. The Rocker Armor is made from 3/16-inch P and O steel plate and formed on a press brake to contour to the side of your Jeep. This kit requires drilling holes in the body of your Jeep and installing rivnuts. You can install them without a specialized tool. The kit does include all the rivnuts required to the install along with bolts.

  • Made from 3/16-inch P and O steel plate
  • Counter sunk mounting holes with flat head bolts provide a smooth surface
  • Contoured design to follow the factory body panels.
  • Manufactured in the USA
  • Sold as kit hardware included


  • Drilling required.25/64" drill bit for riv nuts.
  • Ships bare metal and must be painted or powder coated before use.

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