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Motobilt Skid Plate System - Bare Steel - JL 4Dr 3.6L

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The Motobilt Jeep Skid Plate System is the most well thought out system in the industry by providing more protection, easyinstalland flush underside. We offer a complete 4 skid system where each part bolts together using recessed bolts and completely smooth keyed overlays. There are absolutely no drop-down points, bolt headsor lips to catch on obstacles.


  • 3/16-inch steel construction.
  • Large 4-piece design.
  • 1 hour install time.
  • Recessed bolts that self-center.
  • Entire system is completely flush.
  • Boat side design.
  • Built in cross member.
  • Large oil pan access panel.
  • Notched ends so that a car lift can still be used for repairs.
  • Individual skids can be removed for repairs and maintenance on your Jeep.


  • Steel construction for superior strength.
  • 4-piece design allows for the most protection.
  • Quick and easy install.
  • Flush underside allows you to easily slide over obstacles.
  • Built in crossmember adds strength and rigidity.
  • Large oil pan access panel allows for clean and effortless oil changes.
  • Nodrilling.
  • No need to drop or empty your fuel tank.


  • Transmission / Transfer caseskid plate
  • Engine skid plate
  • Fuel tank skid plate
  • Exhaust skid plate
  • Hardware

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