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Overland Vehicle Systems 53 Piece Tire Repair Kit

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Part Number: 12030001
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Allows the repair of the tire without removing it from the vehicle and saves you from having to pull the spare off the vehicle.

Features:Over-sized T Style Handle Reamer & Probe, Self-Vulcanized Plugs, Extended Heavy-Duty Needle Nose Pliers, Pencil Style Dual Pressure Gauge & Dual Chuck, Valve Repair Kit Which Includes Valve Cores, Plastic and Chrome Valve Caps, Tire Deflators & 4 Way Valve Tool Kit

Special:Self-vulcanizing plugs are the key to our kit. We start off with a 7.75" extra-long plug that can be used for the most extremely applications like a heavy-duty off-road tire or can be trimmed to accommodate a passenger car tire. This kit gives you flexibility either way and you're better off having more than not enough.


  • 20 Extra Long Vulcanized Plugs which is plenty, 6.75" Reamer, 6.75" Probe with Hand Guard
  • Heavy Duty Extended Needle Nose Pliers
  • 8.75 Full Extended Air Gauge
  • Automotive Grade Lubricant
  • Pencil Style Dual Valve Repair Kit Storage Box which has Four Chrome Caps, Four Plastic Caps, Four Valve Cores, Four Tire Deflators & one Four Way Valve Tool, two Allen keys and fits nicely in a high Impact Storage Case.

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