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PSC Big Bore XD Cylinder Assist Kit - JK 3.8L 2007-11

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PSC 's new BIG BORE XD cylinder assist kit for the 2007-2011 Jeep JK. PSC has developed the ultimate steering package for 40" and up tires, combining all of the top of the line components we offer for the 2007-2011 Jeep JK.

Kit includes:

  • SG688R BIG BORE XDR Cylinder Assist Steering Gear
  • PK1853 3.8 XD Pump Kit
  • HK2036 Jeep JK Cylinder Hose Kit (Now Crimped!)
  • HK2091 Jeep JK Pressure Hose Conversion Kit
  • HK2099 Jeep JK 1/2" Return Line Conversion with Cooler
  • SR-VT Remote Reservoir Anti Splash Valve
  • FL-SWE715 Swepco Power Steering Fluid

There are 2 different cylinders depending on your front axle


*The cylinder and the clampare notincluded.

*Recommended front axle caster setting is 7 degrees positive to achieve the best driveability.

* No drop pitman arms. High steer or a flipped draglink kit is the correct fix if your lift kit has a dropped pitman arm.

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