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PSC High Pressure Hose Assembly Upgrade - 12+ JK

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Part Number: HK2095
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PSC developed this High Pressure Hose Assembly Upgrade to solve the problem of OEM hose assembly failures caused by the delamination of the plastic hose liner due to material deterioration or excessive power steering system temperatures which can lead to catastrophic steering gearbox damage on 2007-18 Jeep JKs.

The HK2095 has a true 3/8 Inch Inner Diameter which improves flow rate and efficiency. This is especially important when installing larger-than-stock tire sizes which place additional stresses on the overall power steering system.

When using the OE hose assembly, a stock or PSC upgraded power steering pump will often experience excessive system temperatures and can result in destructive fluid boiling. Also, the smaller diameter of the OE hose assembly can negatively affect steering cylinder assist speed when installing a PSC Cylinder Assist Steering Kit.

The PSC HK2095 High Pressure Hose Kit eliminates the teflon insert, eliminates the -6AN conversion fittings that were previously required for your PSC Power Steering Pump and Steering Gear Box for an even easier, simple installation, and is a crimped assembly for peace of mind on the trail.

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