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PSC Hydraulic Cylinder Assist Kit, W/ Aftermarket 1 Ton Axles - JK 4DR

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This particular PSC Steering Assist Kit has been designed to improve and supplement the steering on vehicles with extreme suspension systems, and aftermarket axles.The result is up to a 50% increase in the turning force on vehicles with larger tires, aftermarket axles, as well as locking differentials.

Once of the better features of this kit is that the steering gearbox will still retain the stock OEM valving. This will allow the handling to remain as stock as possible.
The steering characteristics will remain stock at highway driving, and at stock speeds. However the steering assist will increase the turning force of the steering components without increasing or decreasing the physical resistance of the steering feel.

With that said, this kit is highly recommended on daily driven vehicles with heavily altered suspension, however the condition of the suspension, as well as the alignment all have to be up to par before installation.
Included with this kit are the following:

100% New steering gear modified for cylinder assist
New power steering pump with pulley
Remote power steering fluid reservoir with serviceable filter
Supplied hoses and fittings
Steering cylinder
Bolt on steering cylinder mount brackets

NOTE: This fits Dynatrac Dana 60 's and junkyard Dana 60 swaps

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