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Rock Hard 4x4 Rear Lower Control Arm Skid Plates - JL 3.6L

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100% bolt-on skid plates for your vulnerable rear lower control arm mounts. The OEM JL control arm mounts aren't braced or skid plated and are the lowest points on your rig. First to hit, first to break!

Total Weight: 5 lbs.

Our 1/4" thick skid plates are made from a solid sheet of steel then bent, formed, and hand welded into it's highly protective shape. Notched for zerk grease fittings found on common control arm joint upgrades.

Our skid plate system is the industry standard because of the confidence it instills in each and every customer. Each control arm skid is laser cut from 1/4" thick steel coated in our weather and debris resistant powder coat finish. Strength is proven on virtually all Jeep enthusiast forums with glowing reviews. Since 2007 our skid plate system has been the undisputed leader in undercarriage protection.


  • Driver and Passenger Side Skid Plates
  • Hardware

Installation Instructions

  • Installs in minutes
  • 1/4" thick plate steel
  • Unmatched quality and fitment

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