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Rock Krawler 4.5 Inch X Factor No Limits System - JLU

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Part Number: JL45NL-4
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The Rock Krawler JL 4.5 X Factor No Limits Mid Arm System was specifically designed for Rubicon owners who want a complete bolt-in installation, maximum articulation from a mid-arm kit and the durability and off-road performance you expect from Rock Krawler Suspension. The No Limits front sway bar links allow Rubicon owners to use the factory sway bar disconnect function and still achieve maximum articulation. The X Factor Series adjustable lower control arms offer a total of 90 degrees of misalignment that drastically reduces the bind inherent in JL factory lowers, while high misalignment adjustable upper control arms let you precision tune your JL's caster both front and rear. Rock Krawler's industry leading triple rate coils give you 4.5 inches of lift to clear up to 42-inch tires, depending on model, and improve the on-road ride over the factory linear rate springs. All Rock Krawler JL systems include correction pads that reduce the spring bow inherent in the factory set up. The provided track bar geometry corrections, both front and rear, lets you perfectly center the axles so there is no compromise in on road handling.

System Benefits:

  • Complete Bolt in System
  • Excellent Highway Ride
  • Improved Off-Road Ability
  • Triple Rate Coil Springs
  • Front & Rear Spring Leveling Pads
  • Jeep remains level on all 4 corners

System Includes:

  • (4) Triple rate coil springs
  • (2) Front adjustable lower control arms
  • (2) Front adjustable upper control arms
  • (2) Front spring pads
  • Adjustable front track bar
  • No Limits sway bar links
  • Rear adjustable lower control arms
  • (2) Rear adjustable upper control arms
  • (2) Rear spring pads
  • (2) Extended rear sway bar links
  • Bolt-on rear track bar relocation bracket

Tire Fitment:
Sport and Sahara with Full OEM Fenders
38in Tall Tires (4in Bump Stop Height Recommended)
Sport and Sahara with Trimmed or High Lined OEM Fenders
40in Tall Tires (4in Bump Stop Height Recommended)
Rubicon with Full OEM Fenders
39in/40in Tall Tires (4in Bump Stop Height Recommended)
Rubicon with Trimmed or High Lined OEM Fenders
42in Tall Tires (4in Bump Stop Height Recommended)

Wheel Fitment:
Sport and Sahara Wheel Fitment Recommendations
38in Tall Tires -Recommend 3.5in of Backspacing
Rubicon Fitment Recommendations
39in Tall Tires Ð Recommend 4.0in of Backspacing
42in Tall Tires Ð Recommend 3.5in of Backspacing

Shock Notes:
Generic Front Shock Length Ð 18-19" Collapsed/ 31" Maximum Extended
Generic Rear Shock Length -19" Collapsed/ 32Ó Maximum Extended

General Notes:
*Required Steersmarts XD Yeti HD Bottom Mount Drag Link for Hard Off Road Use
*All lift heights based on Rubicon models
*Recommend a new front C.V. driveshaft for all front shocks with max. extended length greater than 29in
*Recommend installing limiting straps to avoid over extension of suspension components after vehicle is all set up.

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