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Rock Krawler Adventure-X Long Control Arms - JL

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Your Price: $2,855.35
Part Number: JLAXLA-UPG
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System Benefits:

  • Excellent Highway Ride
  • Improved Off-Road Ability
  • Full High Clearance Design
  • Weld on Long Arm Mounting Brackets with Weld Scheduling just like OEM
  • Heat Shield thermal barrier products, just like OEM to protect the front control arm joints at the frame
  • No Exhaust Modifications Required
System Includes:
  • (1) Front Long Arm Mount System
  • (1) Heat Shield Products Protection Kit
  • (4) High clearance adjustable lower control arms
  • (4) Adjustable upper control arms
  • (2) Rear frame side weld-on long arm mounts
  • (1) Standard Rear Truss
  • (1) Rear Track Bar Mount
*hardware and detailed instructions

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