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Rock Krawler JT Gladiator 3.0 Inch PRO-X System

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Part Number: JT30PX
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The Rock Krawler JT 3.0 inch Pro-X System was specifically designed for JT owners who want a complete bolt-in installation, maximum articulation from a mid-arm kit and the durability and off-road performance you expect from Rock Krawler Suspension. The triangulated 4 link rear assembly maintains the rear axle perfectly centered; allows for removal of the rear track bar, eliminates rear suspension bind, and the cross talk of the front and rear track bar arrangement greatly smoothing the highway ride. The X Factor Series adjustable lower control arms offer a total of 90 degrees of misalignment. The Triple Rate front coils paired with our Quad rate rears coils provide unmatched ride quality and off-road performance, while maintaining standard JT rear load capacities. The Rock Krawler Pro-X Gladiator Mid Arm System is the pinnacle of bolt in suspension for the JT platform.

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