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Rock Krawler Off Road Pro Tie Rod -JK

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When upgrading your vehicles suspension and adding bigger, beefier tires, you need all of the suspension and steering components to handle the added stress. This Off Road Pro tie rod is the answer for added strength and durability. 

Features of the Rock Krawler Off Road Pro Tie Rod;

  • 1.75 inch OD Aluminum that is built to flex
  • A toe adjustment of the turn buckles style that is designed mostly for in vehicle adjustments
  • Steering joints that are greasable and have a massive offset
  • They are engineered so they can work with ackerman angle
  • The kit includes;
  • Two u bolts for steering stabilizing
  • A powder coated steering mounting stabilizer plate
  • A powder coated 1.75 inch tie rod


  • They require 17 inch or wheels with larger diameter
  • Require backspacing of 4 inches or less

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