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Rock Krawler Pro Krawler Joint 1in Shank -JK/LJ/TJ

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The Pro Krawler Joint is a revolutionary joint manufactured with the tightest tolerances for ultimate consistency. The chromoly joint housings are heat treated for increased strength and then zinc plated for corrosion resistance. The hard chrome plated inner ball is machined from billet 52100 steel for strength and durability. The inner raceway provides wear resistance, high frequency vibration isolation and durability. The body and clevis mounting width ratio of the Pro Krawler Joint is a key design feature which provides up to +/-30 degrees of misalignment. that's a total of 60 degrees of misalignment per side.


  • Tight tolerances for ultimate consistency
  • Heat treated & zinc plated chromoly joint housing
  • Wear resistance, vibration isolating raceway
  • Industry leading +/-30 degrees of misalignment* (*for most applications)

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