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Rock-Slide Engineering Step Sliders - TJ

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Part Number: BD-SS-100-TJ
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Introducing our newest addition to our product line. The R-SE Step-Slider, the only way to improve on the already proven design. Combining the functional slider and the need for a step. When the door is opened the step will deploy to allow access. Upon closure the step returns to the home position. Becoming a functional slider. The patent pending design allows for access to the front and rear doors of the vehicle. The supplied wiring harness includes a manual operation switch if the doors are removed as well as a system shut off if complete disable is required. Recommended whenever the jeep is in 4wheel drive. In the event that the step comes in contact with an object while traveling in the down position, the step will stop and return to its home position upon closing the door. The step slider is the only step and slider combination on the market. Constructed out of 3/16 steel available powder coated finish.

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