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RockJock AntiRock Sway Bar Kit Front - JK

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Part Number: CE-9900JKFSA
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The RockJock Antirock Front Sway Bar Kit will provide better handling and better traction for your vehicle. Performance sway bars will greatly improve the balance and traction of your vehicle by properly distributing the weight and traction over all four tires.

The Antirock front sway bar is a quality OEM replacement and had been fabricated out of SAE 4130 heat-treated steel for increased strength. These are the same materials used to craft the sway bars on off-road race vehicles.The brackets are billet aluminum and are powder-coated black for years of anti-corrosion resistance. The brackets also feature Delrin bushings that will absorb vibrations in off-road conditions, yet provide a smooth ride on the road. Also, a set of black powder-coated arms and a set of adjustable length Heim jointed sway bar links to make sure the sway bar does its job. One of the best features is that the Antirock sway bar does not need to be disconnected for off-road use.

Finally, instructions and all provided hardware are included to make for a complete installation. Please note that some vehicles will have more inherent body roll than stock. This sway bar can be used on the street; however, it may not have the same handling characteristics as the stock setup.

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