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RockJock Antirock Sway Bar Kit Rear - JK

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Part Number: CE-9900JKRA
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The RockJock Antirock rear sway bar kit has been designed to improve the handling of your vehicle. When combined with the front Antirock sway bar kit, there will be a noticeable improvement in overall balance and handling for both on, and off-road conditions.

This is achieved by providing the driver with better traction by balancing and distributing the weight evenly over the four tires.

This is a direct replacement of the factory sway bar, and has been crafted from SAE 4130 heat treated steel, which is the same materials used in the professional off-road competition sway bars. Included with the Antirock Rear Sway Bar arepowder-coated bolt-on steel frame brackets, Delrin bushings, billet aluminum arms, adjustable length heim jointed sway bar links, and stainless steel braided brake lines.

Finally instructions, as well has supplied hardware come with the sway bar for a ready installation. Because of the design, you won't have to disconnect the sway bar for off-road use.

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