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Rough Country Front CV Drive Shaft - JT/JL Rubicon Only

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Get the most out of your Jeep with Rough Country's Front CV Driveshaft! On any JL or JT lifted 3.5in or more the factory driveshaft will incur damage if the suspension is flexed to full droop. Rough Country's upgraded Jeep Wrangler JL Rubicon and Gladiator JT Front CV Driveshaft corrects this issue and promotes the proper geometry in all on and off-road scenarios!


  • Collapsed Measurment:36 3/8 inches
  • Extended Measurment:39 1/2 inches
  • Eliminates factory driveshaft damage at full droop
  • Works on Dana 44 axles ONLY
  • Includes better quality CV joints.
  • Shaft strength is twice as strong as the factory equipped drive shaft.
  • Grease fittings are out of the way of the transmission oil pan meaning you get grease to the joints that need it and not all over the bottom of your Jeep.

Notes -Important

  • An aftermarket driveshaft is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED for installation of any Jeep lift kit 3.5" or taller. The factory driveshaft will become damaged if the suspension reaches full droop or flex.
  • This product fits JL Rubicon Models Only
  • This product does NOT fit JL Non-Rubicon Models
  • This product fits JT Gladiator Rubicon and Non-Rubicon Models
  • Recommended on models with 3.5in or more of lift.

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