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Rough Country Throttle Body Spacer - JT/JL/JK 2012+ 3.6L

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Your Price: $44.95
Part Number: 10561

Rough Country's Throttle Body Spacer helps you gain increased torque and performance from your Jeep! Engineered with a Spiraling Helix design, this durable, aluminum spacer forces incoming air into a high velocity vortex that aids in a more powerful and efficient fuel combustion process. This process offers improved torque performance and increased fuel economy.

Each kit features a corrosion-resistant, red anodized aluminum body for a long lifespan of great looks and performance.

This easy-to-install performance upgrade features a 100% bolt-on installation process that can be attached in no time flat! No tuning or re-programming required, simply bolt-on and begin enjoying increased torque and performance today!


  • Easy bolt-on installation.
  • Improved torque performance.
  • Increased fuel economy.

Notes -Important

  • ONLY fits models with 3.6L engines.
  • NOT for use in California pending Air Resource Board Exemption

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