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Rugged Ridge 7in Fender Flare Set - TJ/LJ

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Are you running oversized tires on your Jeep? Of course you are--it's a Jeep! Bolt on the extra coverage of Rugged Ridge oversized fender flares and stay within the law. These 7 in. flares protect your Jeep's body from kicked-up off-road debris, while providing the clean look of original equipment designs. Constructed from virtually indestructible UV-treated thermoplastic, these Rugged Ridge flares provide years of service and protection from sun fading. You clipped a tree last time out mud crawling? No sweat. Rugged Ridge offers individual fender flares, as well as kits, so you save cash by getting only what you need. Add a husky look with protection on the road and off with Rugged Ridge oversized fender flares.

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