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Rugged Ridge AmFib Low Mount Snorkel - JL

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Just one look at the Rugged Ridge AmFib Snorkel System for Jeep and you know this is not your typical snorkel. We designed the Low Mount Snorkel to make a visual splash by devising a base that blends seamlessly with the factory cowl panel and then topped it off with a low air intake that instantly becomes the focal point that you can "t take your eyes off. While making such a big splash is great, our quest for a superior snorkel went far beyond the visual. We engineered the entire AmFib snorkel inside the Jeep to literally make waves, by designing a system that is over-engineered to be less invasive, performs better and installs easier than any snorkel we've ever built before. The entire system and its components look "œat-home", as though they we're part of the Jeeps original design. But where the rubber really meets the road is where the AmFib Snorkel truly shines"¦Quickly swap the low air intake for the High Mount Intake and you can defy water crossings with total confidence.

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