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Rugged Ridge Eclipse Sun Shade Black - JK 4dr

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The Eclipse Sun Shade provides comfort and open air to the driver, and occupants in the Jeep JK.The Rugged Ridge Eclipse Sunshade is a mesh fabric style top that provides the driver and occupants shade, while having the open-top experience. The half sun shade installs between the front portion of the sport bar, and the windshield to protect the front, or rear passengers separately. The full length sun shade sun shade is secured between the wind shield, and the rear crossbar of the JK sportbar to provide protection to the front and rear passengers.

The mesh material features built-in elastic straps which eliminates the need for a header channel. This is an all in one package that is simple to install, and does not require any further modifications. By retaining the access to the factory top clamps, drivers can keep the shade in place and preserve friction of the factory top. Sewn-in bungee cords are implemented within the design for installation, and it comes with a mesh carrying bag for when the top is not in use.

This sun shade is compact in size, and can be stored safely in most compartments of your vehicle for quick access.

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