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Rugged Ridge HD Steel Tube Fenders, Full Set - Black - JL

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Leave the pavement far behind, along with your sense of refinement, with a full set of Rugged Ridge Steel Tube Fenders. We engineered these fenders to really shine when there are rocks to climb, so we started with a burly 1.25-inch mandrel-bent steel tube frame. The fenders top skin was die-stamped and laser-cut from 12-gauge steel plate, rugged enough to survive a real-world bashing that would send a plastic fender to the trash pile. Stylized front plates contoured base plates, as well as marker light brackets, are all CNC bent from 3mm thick steel, carrying out the tradition of being tougher than they need to be; while integrated amber LED corner lights keep things highway friendly.

Since the elements off-road can be as harsh as the terrain, we finished our JL Steel Tube Fenders with a durable satin black powder coat finish that resists rust and corrosion and looks civilized doing it. Add in Teflon-coated button head hardware with Nylock retainers and it's hard to find a more potent off-road combination. Plus, you can shake off another load of factory plastic when you add a set of Aluminum Front Inner Fenders to complete the look of your new fenders.

Note: Some JL models equipped with LED Lighting package may require Tazer programming to remove a "œbulb-out" dash warning.

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