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Rugged Ridge Hurricane Flat Fender Flare Kit - JK

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With the exceptionally designed and stylish looking Hurricane Flat Fender Flares, all Jeep enthusiasts can now get the ultimate off-road appearance or look for their Jeep Wranglers! The Hurricane Flat Fender Flare draws insight from Jeep's own historical collection and incorporates a new and very unique double-bolt pocket. This double bolt pocket brings together the traditional flat fender flare design that was first used in the 1941 Willys MA and the modern more commonly used pocket style to deliver a very stylish look for your auto.

This fender flare is uniquely designed to precision in order to perfectly fit and complement the contours of your Jeep. The flares rest high in the Jeep to provide additional clearance for large wheels and tires while at the same time protecting the vehicles body from damage by rocks, debris, and mud while out there on rough terrains.

Each fender flare is manufactured from durable black TPE plastic which can be painted or left unfinished. Also, each purchase includes 2 sets of corrosion-resistant fasteners that are highly durable.

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