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Rugged Ridge Max Terrain Front and Rear Fender Flare Set - JL

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The Rugged Ridge Max-Terrain Fender Flares find inspiration from the classic flat-fender styling featured on Jeeps " earliest models and blend it with a refined rendition of the current Jeep factory flare, combining to take your JL's off-road capability to the MAX! Max-Terrain Fender Flares are constructed from a durable injection-molded thermoplastic, chosen for its flexibility and impact-resistant qualities. The flares mount in a position that is high-to-the-body, delivering greater tire clearance for maximum suspension travel while off-road.

The rear mating surface of the flares have been carefully contoured to help alleviate the inherent trapping of stones and debris against those delicate painted surfaces. The Max-Terrain Flares feature a distinct dual-textured finish that blends nicely with JL factory trim or can even be prepped & painted for those who prefer a color-matched theme. Integrated two-color DRL tubes (Daytime Running Lights) are cradled inside the front support brace and highlight the flares leading edge, adding visual appeal while also improving on-road visibility. Installation is simplified with the included hardware and requires no drilling.

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