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Rugged Ridge Rectangular Trail Mirror, Single - JT/JL

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Leaving your Gladiator or Wrangler JL's doors at home and enjoying the delight of open-air driving is an experience like no other. But leaving your doors behind leaves you without side-view mirrors and can put you in violation of the law in most states. Rugged Ridge Trail Mirrors provide a simple bolt-on mirror solution that is not only highly-functional, but looks great AND keeps you legal. Our JL Trail Mirrors feature a long adjustable mirror arm for greater visibility and a handy patent pending jamb nut design for speedy installation and removal. Each mirror assembly is finished with a durable and attractive Tough Satin Black Powder Coat finish and includes all the necessary hardware for installation. Choose from a traditional rectangular mirror head or a round mirror for a more retro appearance. Rugged Ridge Trail Mirrors fit the left OR the right side of the vehicle.

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