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Rugged Ridge Roof Rack w/ Basket - JL 4Dr

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Make sure you go prepared on your quest for adventure with the Rugged Ridge Roof Rack for Wrangler JLU models. With a low-profile design and sturdy steel construction, you can carry an additional 150 pounds of extra cargo overhead with a minimal height increase - perfect for overlanding and the avid outdoorsmen. A spacious rack-mounted basket helps anchor your cargo while skeleton-style roof rails make securing the load with bungee cords or ratchet straps a breeze. And since the great outdoors stretches far beyond the glow of the streetlights, we designed the front crossbar with recesses so you can mount up to four LED cubes, giving you deep-reaching illumination down trail. The Roof Rack fits all Wrangler JL 4-Door Hardtop models and installs easily for quick installation and removal. And don't worry"¦it won't interfere with the use of your Freedom Panels.

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