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Rugged Ridge Upper Soft Door Kit Front - JK

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Jeep owners love to go off road and sometimes they want to do it with an open air vehicle. An economical way to swap out factory doors (steel OEM version), is to replace them with the Rugged Ridge Upper Soft Door Kit Black Diamond Half Doors. These are the perfect way to have an open air vehicle - and keep the rocks and other debris out!


Made from thermoplastic that can be painted, the outer door skins are also impact resistant and can easily be mounted to powder coated steel door frames for your off road adventure. With more flexibility, you can enjoy the outdoors and your half doors can be easily converted with your factory OEM versions so there's no installation required. With doors that lock, seals that are water proof and mounts for mirrors, you're ready to go. There's also a convenient storage area and hinges (OE style).

You can also buy the upper soft door version. These are made from thermoplastic that's impact resistant and UV protected. They come in a matte finish that can be painted and have steel frames (internal) for added strength. These are powder coated and this can help them to last longer with whatever elements they are exposed to.

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