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Rugged Ridge XHD Snorkel System - JK

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The Rugged Ridge XHD Snorkel System is an automobile feature that aids a vehicle in drawing cool air into the engine for combustion. It enables the vehicle take in clean, dry and cold air from the outside environment. It is a functional system that ensures the vehicle is able to function seamlessly through effective combination of air and fuel during the power generation process. It gives the engine the opportunity of drawing cold air from outside the engine compartment which may be contaminated with dust or sometimes exposed to liquids which may harm the operation of the engine.

The Rugged Ridge XHD Snorkel System aids an Off Road vehicle in ensuring that the engine is not starved off air and power which are both important in navigating the rugged paths. It has sealed ducting which ensures that environmental elements like water and dust are not able to access the air relay system which clog the filters and may worse still cause hydro-locking of the engine due to water damage.

It is specially designed to give a vehicle functional ability when in the harsh weather environments and ensure navigation in the same regions is achieved seamlessly and without any damage to the engine air drawing system. In relocating the air intake location, the Rugged Ridge XHD Snorkel System gives the vehicle added operational ability as it ensures an Off Road can easily navigate through flooded regions and rivers and dusty pathways with maximum engine performance owing to the steady supply of power from the combustion chambers.

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