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S&B Filters Cold Air Intake 3.6L Kit - JK 2012+

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Separate the good from the bad with S&B Filters cotton filter cold air intake kits. Lots of cool, clean air has been shown to increase horsepower and S&B units deliver unrestricted flow and high filtration. Your rig will not only gain performance, but also a sporty high-tech appearance under the hood. The 8-layer oiled cotton filters protect your engine from harmful dirt and debris, and they're cleanable for reuse. In addition, the filters and couplers are designed from silicone, not urethane. This helps ensure they won't degrade or crack over time; plus, they can resist temperatures as high as 400 degrees F. These intake kits are simple to install, and the great looking signature clear lid allows visual inspection of your filter at all times. Remember, there are good air intakes and then there are the better intakes demand the better; choose the efficiency and style of S&B Filters cold air intake kits.

"It's a proven fact that engines run better when the air is clean and filtered, which is just one of many reasons to snag the S&B Filters Cold Air Intake Kit. Air that has been cooled and cleaned can easily allow an engine to produce more horsepower, and all S&B kits not only do this, but they allow for high filtration and unrestricted air flow in the engine area. Plus, they look sporty and very high tech which will offer your truck a sporty extra when the hood is flipped up.There are eight layers built into the filter structure all of which work to keep debris and dirt out of the engine. Additionally, they can be cleaned for continual reuse making the S&B filters a purchase that goes pretty far. They also are made out of silicone which means that they can tolerate temperatures as high as 400 degrees Fahrenheit and do not crack or degrade as time passes. They are very simple to install and everything needed is included in the kit. If properly installed the S&B filters can withstand more wear and tear than most other options on the market."

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