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Synergy Manufacturing 2in Stage 1 Suspension Lift - JK 2dr

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The stage 1 system of suspension gives the next level of performance from the starter system including a front adjustable Track Bar and rear track bar added to a 2 inch lift spring. These components allow centering of the two axles and provide a raised roll centre height in the rear resulting to high performances and increased handling.

This system will fit 33" tires with stock fenders or 35" tires with high fenders. Front adjustable track bar and rear track bar relocation brackets are featured in this system. Rear sway bar links are included so that the factory rears can be used in front. The relocation brackets raise the track bar mounting position increasing suspension roll center heights which improves handling on and off road.

The control arm can bolt to correct caster and there are optional shock relocation brackets so the rear stock shocks can be reused. Progressively wound coil springs are manufactured using the latest in CNC technology to prevent the spring from becoming unbound at full suspension droop.

The suspension components feature an abrasive and resistant coat powder finish for maximum durability and to prevent corrosion at any given time. The bolting system on all the components give an easy installation work using the basic mechanical hand tools and requires less labor input. Synergy suspension systems are modular so parts are available separately.


- Requires a maximum 4-3/4" backspace wheel or wheel spacer with factory wheel setup. 4-1/2" back spacing is recommended.
- Springs retain the factory rake of the vehicle where the rear is higher than the front. Your vehicle should sit level when loaded. If you prefer your vehicle to be level when unloaded you may request shorter rear springs.

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