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Synergy Manufacturing Adjustable Front Track Bar - TJ/LJ/XJ/ZJ/MJ

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Part Number: 8155-01
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A heavy-duty, adjustable, front track bar designed as a factory style replacement for TJ/LJ, XJ, ZJ, and MJ applications. It directly mounts to the factory tapered track bar mount on the frame but requires the axle mount to be drilled to 9/16" for added strength. A recommended weld-on gusset is included for the axle side mount for reinforcement. The track bar offers improved rigidity and allows the centering of the front axle when running a suspension lift. Fits 0-4" lifts.


  • Synergy Jeep TJ/LJ, XJ, ZJ, MJ Adjustable Front Track Bar
  • Features Synergy Dual Durometer Bushings (DDB) with Teflon® bearing surface for a maintenance-free design focusing on performance, flex, longevity, and ride quality
  • Bolts into factory tapered track bar bracket on the frame
  • Requires axle mount to be drilled to 9/16"
  • Optional welding (required if desired to install axle gusset)
  • Made from 1-3/8" 1018 CR Solid Round Barstock
  • Includes new Grade 8 mounting bolts and hardware
  • Synergy double adjuster sleeve & pinch bolt assembly allows for adjustment of track bar length without removal from vehicle
  • Suspension components feature an abrasion-resistant powder coat finish for maximum durability and corrosion resistance
  • Fits 0-4" Lifts


  • Factory style replacement track bar for 0-4" of lift
  • 2.0" to 3.0" bump stop spacers will be required if the axle is pushed forward slightly from stock and an aftermarket diff cover is used. The larger diameter of the Synergy track bar and tie rod end will interfere with the diff cover if no bump stop spacer is used. We recommend cycling the suspension to full compression with the track bar installed to ensure no interference is occurring.
  • Approximate collapsed length = 31"
  • Approximate extended length = 32.4"
  • Replacement bushing is 4323-01, replacement tie rod end is 4135-L

Installation Notes:

  • Requires drilling. Sanding and welding optional

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