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Synergy Manufacturing Coil Spring 8in Stretch Kit - JK 2dr

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Part Number: 8034-03
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The Synergy 8 Inch Coil Spring Stretch Kit for 2 door JK's is a version of our 8 inch stretch kit that doesn't require converting to coilover shocks. The additions to the kit are coil spring relocation brackets and shock relocation brackets for use with our standard 8 inch rear stretch brackets for 2 Door JK's. This allows the Synergy 8 inch stretch kit to be used with standard coil springs. Allowing for standard coil springs takes much of the guesswork and tuning out of properly setting up a stretched JK. This also allows for more shock options, as it is easier to fit larger 2.5 inch shocks or even bypass shocks.


  • Adjustable rear upper & lower long arms designed to maximize ground clearance
  • Lower control arms are manufactured from high quality crush resistant 2 inch X .250 Wall 1026 DOM tubing
  • Upper control arms are made from high quality crush resistant 1 1/2 inch X .188 Wall 1026 DOM tubing
  • Synergy double adjuster sleeve & pinch bolt assembly allows for adjustment of control arm link length without removal
  • Features Synergy Dual Durometer Bushings (DDB) with Teflon bearing surface for a maintenance free design focusing on performance, flex, longevity, and ride quality
  • Coil spring relocation brackets move the upper coil spring mounts back 8 inch
  • Shock relocation brackets move the upper shock mounts back 8 inch and move the lower shock mounts for improved clearance
  • Progressive wound coil springs manufactured using the latest in CNC hot winding technology keeps springs from coming unbound at full suspension droop
  • Suspension components feature an abrasive-resistant powder coat finish for maximum durability and corrosion resistance


  • Requires a maximum 4-3/4" backspace wheel or wheel spacer with factory wheel setup. 4-1/2" back spacing is recommended
  • This kit cannot be installed using simple hand tools, it requires significant fabrication and welding skills to correctly install
  • Crawler Conceptz rear corners that are designed to work with the kit and is part #CCZ-US-RC2-005
  • Due to the placement of the rear coil springs, rear coil springs should be two inches shorter than the front coil springs. We recommend 8063-30 front coil springs and 8064-10 rear coil springs for 37-40" tires.
  • Installation requires basic hand tools, grinder with cut-off wheel or sawzall, floor jack with jack stands or automobile lift, and a welder. Extensive cutting, grinding, welding, and fabrication skills are required to complete installation.

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