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Synergy Manufacturing Double Adjuster Tube Adapter

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Your Price: $50.00
Part Number: 3620-0718

The Synergy Manufacturing Double Adjuster Tube Adapter has been designed to eliminate the need for jam nuts that are used to build link suspension, and steering systems.
This kit allows the suspension/steering link to be adjusted without removal, and allows the user to fine tune the suspension geometry by loosening the pinch bolt and turning the adjuster sleeve.
This is an ideal solution for link suspension designs with weld on bushings/joints at one end, or for bent suspension links.
This kit features a weld on tube adapter which is fabricated from solid stock 1018 steel. This seals the link off from water, or other harmful debris from entering the link which can cause damage over time. Furthermore there is an integrated drain hole that will let any collected water drain out.
The adapters include:

1 Weld on tube adapter with pinch bolt slit, and tubes
1 Zinc plated double adjuster sleeve to be sued with a thread shank rod end
1 pinch bolt hardware

Finally, all adjusters use a left hand threaded rod end, or Johnny Joint.

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