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Synergy Manufacturing Front Sway Bar Links w/ Quick Disconnects - JT/JL

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Synergy MFG Jeep Front Sway Bar Links with Quick Disconnects are designed for those who will be taking their Jeep off road and need an easy way to disconnect the front sway bar to allow for more flex. These can be used on all Jeep models, including Rubicon models with the electronic sway bar disconnect, and are designed for vehicles with 0-4 inches of lift. While Rubicon models do have an electronic sway bar disconnect, manual disconnects may still be required on vehicles with a lot of suspension down travel to prevent the sway bar links from over-centering. And, in the rare occurrence the factory electronic sway bar disconnect system fails, the system can still be manually disconnected. Easily removable linchpins disconnect the sway bar links from the axle to allow them to be rotated up and out of the way and secured with the included frame mount brackets. Greaseable spherical bushings allow resistance-free articulation of the sway bar links, making disconnecting and connecting a breeze.


  • Sway Bar Links are longer than stock and adjustable to fit 0-4 inches of lift
  • Quick disconnects allow the sway bar links to be quickly disconnected for additional flex and performance off road



  • Sway Bar Links are CNC formed from high quality 1020 CR Solid Steel
  • Quick disconnect studs and linchpins included
  • Frame side brackets for securing disconnected sway bar links included
  • Sealed tie rod ends provide a direct linkage to the sway bar 
  • Greaseable spherical bushings allow trouble-free connecting and disconnecting of sway bar links
  • No drilling or cutting required (Except for stock height vehicles)
  • Components feature clear zinc plate for maximum corrosion resistance
  • Sway bar links also feature an abrasion-resistant powder coat finish for maximum durability and corrosion resistance



  • For lifts 2 inches and taller, these sway bar links require relocation with Synergy MFG 8855-02 Sway Bar Relocation Brackets, or 8855-01 Front Track Bar. Relocation Bracket and the vehicle must be running a minimum of 2 inches of front bump stop spacing.
  • For stock height vehicles, the sway bar links must be installed in the stock location on the axle and the passenger side sway bar tab needs to be removed. No front bump stop spacing is required.


Min/Max Lengths:

  • Min/Max lengths measured from center of the lower bolt hole to the center of the tie rod end stud.
  • Min collapsed length: 9.0 Inches
  • Max extended length: 10.0 Inches

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