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Synergy Manufacturing Heavy Duty Drag Link - LJ/TJ/XJ/ZJ

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Part Number: 8121-02
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The Synergy Manufacturing Heavy Duty Drag Link has been designed and altered to clear the factory axle brackets from stock height, to vehicles with lifts up to 6”. Note that anything over 6” will require a drop pitman arm for compatibility.

Additional features include the Synergy Double Adjuster Sleeve which has been designed to allow the adjustment of the Drag Link length without removing the component from the vehicle. 
The construction of the drag link is made from 1 3/8” 1018 Solid Bar, and it has also been powder coated to be abrasion and weather resistant. It comes supplied with Synergy Heavy Duty metal on metal tie rod ends, and is considered to be one of the strongest drag links available on the market.

Fits vehicles with 2-6” of lift. Please note that vehicles with 2-4” of lift can still use the stock pitman arms, while drivers with 4.5-6” of lift must use the drop pitman arm. 

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