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Synergy Manufacturing Rear Coil Spring Stretch Kit - JK 2dr

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The Synergy JK Rear Coil Spring Stretch Kit includes coil spring relocation brackets and shock relocation brackets for use with Synergy 8 inch rear stretch brackets for 2 Door JK's. This allows the Synergy 8 inch stretch kit to be used with standard coil springs without having to convert to coilover shocks. Coilover shocks have their place, but allowing for standard coil springs takes much of the guesswork and tuning out of properly setting up a stretched JK. This also allows for more shock options, as it is easier to fit larger 2.5" shocks or even bypass shocks.


  • Allows 2 Door JK's to be stretched with the Synergy 8 inch stretch kit while retaining the factory style coil spring and shock setup
  • Relocates upper coil spring mounts back 8"
  • Relocates upper shock mounts back 8"
  • Relocates lower shock mounts for improved clearance
  • Designed to be used in conjunction with Synergy 8032 rear 8 inch stretch brackets and long arms


  • Weld-on kit
  • Must be used with 8032 2 Door Rear Stretch Bracket Kit and Long Arms
  • Rear coil springs should be 2" shorter than the front for the vehicle to sit level. We recommend 8063-30 front springs and 8064-10 rear springs for 37-40 inch tires

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