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Synergy Manufacturing Transfer Case Skid Plate - JK

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Part Number: 5710-02-BK
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The Synergy Manufacturing Transfer Case Skid Plate is designed specifically for Jeep Wrangler and Wrangler Unlimited models. Do not worry about these plates being up for the intended job. A plate may be light in weight, but it is produced from 3/16" crush resistant Grade 50 A-572 solid steel. The design allows the plate to maintain its strength and be highly crush resistant. Resistant to corrosion and made with a completely smooth skid surface.

This skid plate assembly is designed to be used as a complete assembly using none of the factory skid plates or cross member.

Note – Engine skid bracket assembly will contact the OEM front driveshaft at full bump if no front bump stop spacer is used. A minimum of 1.0” bumpstop spacer is recommended if retaining the OEM front driveshaft. No bumpstop spacing is required if using a typical 1310 or 1350 aftermarket front shaft.

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