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Teraflex 231 Extreme Short Shaft Kit - TJ/LJ

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After decades of waiting, the dreams of short wheelbase Wrangler owners have come true in the form of Teraflex';s Extreme Short Shaft Kit. The Extreme Kit give strength a real boost, and delivers an increase in driveshart lengths up to 7 inches over common stock applications. The enhancements come in a smaller package - the Teraflex kit is 3 inches shorter than the standard SYE kit, and 1.5 shorter than the ATLAS II. The kit misses nothing. All parts and components needed to modify a stock 231 case kit are included. The tone ring and electronic sensor facilitate the transfer of speedometer readings. Be aware speedometer calibration adjustments rely on using a converter box. The kit is intended for use with a CV style - double cardan - driveshaft. IMPORTANT NOTE: Kit only fits 231-J transfer cases. Any earlier 231 applications with a mechanical speedometer cable must be urgraded to an electronic speedometer.

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