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Teraflex 3in Outback Suspension System - JK 4DR

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For those looking for a complete suspension system that is exclusive for expedition style overland travel, the TeraFlex Jk Outback suspension system is a perfect match. The suspension system was built from the ground up to support travel over extreme terrain. In building the system from the ground up, the manufacturer had to evaluate each component and verify their individual performance factor. From the evaluation they discovered that many of their products had original designs that are suited for overland application. However, some of the components had to be modified so they could be more suited for long stretches on the washboard roads without requiring maintenance. An example of the modified part is the FlexArm joints that were better by making use of factory rubber bushings on each end of the flexarm. The use of the bushing allows maximum vibration damping. The rubber bushings provide flex that give full articulation and maximum shock for travel.
The manufacturers gave special consideration and attention to correcting the spring rate tunings as well as development. When travelling over land specific spring rates are required for heavy load and mechanical resonance that affect the standard coil spring rates differently. The system has incorporated custom load-enhanced heavy-duty spring rate coils that are meant to meet the demands of a jeep that is fully loaded while maintaining the lift height. The suspension limiting straps usually prevent potential damage to the drivetrain or the suspension by maximizing safety during down travel.
Other details are also addressed like critical gusseting. Bracing as well as other bracketry that beef up areas that are usually prone to damage or fatigue that can be experienced during extended overland trips. It is normal to experience damage in these areas from loose rocks and other debris. When they are used together with Fox Long travel shocks the user is able to achieve superior performance. The system comes with 3 inch lift load enhanced coil springs, 2 rear upper and 4 lower adjustable FlexArms, a front swaybar disconnects, a rear trackbar bracket, the SpeedBump bumpstops as well as other necessary hardware.
The kit usually allows for the user to use 35 inch tires. It can fit all JK Wrangler Unlimited models this includes Rubicon. It should be noted that Driveshaft modifications are usually recommended for this suspension system. To achieve proper drive shaft clearance other exhaust modifications are requires. The system is usually load enhanced and this specifically fits 'heavy loaded' jeeps. The driver will experience a firmer ride even with an empty payload.

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