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Teraflex 4in Alpine CT4 Suspension System w/3.3 Falcon Shocks - JK 4dr

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The Alpine Cross-Trail (CT) suspension series improves on the S/T suspension series by including fully adjustable Alpine flexarms. Compromises are for trivial matters, and the way your Jeep performs is non-negotiable. TeraFlex believes that a properly designed suspension should only improve its capabilities, not diminish them. The Alpine Cross-Trail (CT) line of suspensions maintains factory engineering while enhancing aftermarket performance. This combination results in ultra-crisp road handling with trail-conquering machismo. TeraFlex Alpine CT suspensions maintain the ultimate balance every Jeep owner desires.

All Alpine CT suspension systems are fully inclusive, and do not need any additional components for a complete installation. The Alpine CT4 kit was developed for the off-road driver craving Baja handling with highway control in a dependable and maintenance free system. The Alpine CT4 long flexarm system provides full suspension articulation while reducing vibration and harshness for superior ride quality and performance over any other long arm configuration. The CT4 improves on the CT3 by combining our Elite LCG long arm brackets with Alpine long flexarms.

Falcon shocks are specifically designed to accompany TeraFlex coil springs and improve both compression and rebound. Vehicle stability is the paramount goal.

The Alpine CT4 Suspension System includes a 4" lift, SpeedBump bump stops, front track bar, exhaust spacer, 8 fully adjustable long Alpine flexarms, and optional Falcon shocks.

Features & Benefits

* Dependable performance with zero worries

* Positive, responsive handling w/ reduced vibration & harshness

* Fully adjustable long Alpine flexarms optimize correct caster & pinion angles for 4" lift kits

* High quality, factory style bushings provide excellent vibration damping & ride quality with zero maintenance

* Front & rear heavy duty adjustable track bars

* SpeedBump progressive bump stops

* Full range of movement for off-road flex & articulation

* Cutting & welding required

* Alignment required

* TeraFlex Lifetime Warranty

* Fits up to 37" tires

* Requires aftermarket wheels with 4.5" backspacing or less

* TeraFlex Series 3.3 Falcon Shocks included with this suspension system

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