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Teraflex 4in Base Lift Kit with 9550 Shocks - JK 2Dr

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Engineered with drivability and performance in mind, the TeraFlex JK Base 4" Lift Kit w/ 9550 VSS Shock Absorbers includes the basic pieces needed to lift your JK to conquer the most extreme trails and conditions.

Not only do TeraFlex kits drive straight, but they will crawl over anything to get you there and back!


* Requires aftermarket wheels w/ 4.5" backspacing or less - or Offset Wheel Adapters (# 1055000) for stock wheels.

* 2012-2018 JK/JKU models require Exhaust Spacers (# 2610000) or other exhaust modification for proper driveshaft clearance.

* Driveshaft modifications are highly recommended with this suspension system. See the TeraFlex Rzeppa High Angle CV Kit (# 1744014).

* Requires 2.5-4" Adjustable Alpine Flexarms (# 1415610) or 3-6" Adjustable Alpine Long Flexarms (# 1315010) and HD Forged Adjustable Front Track Bar (# 1753418) to set correct suspension geometry including caster angle, pinion angle, roll center, & load tuning during re-alignment after installation. Proper suspension geometry ensures all stability controls function within factory parameters.

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