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Teraflex 9550 Absorbers Shock Front 6in Lift - JK

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The TeraFlex 9550 was developed and designed specifically for the lifted jeep wrangler. It acts as a great shock absorber. This means that you will get the best off road performance and the highway ride is unequaled. This is all because of how it is engineer, tunes and valved for your jeep specifically. The TeraFlex 9550 have a proprietary I house velocity valving that is usually tuned so it reacts perfectly with a TeraFlex suspension system. It has a triple chromed rod that ensures the operation is trouble free. It also features an oil block and a seal wipe shock rode that during compression keeps all the internal fluids sealed and contained as well so as to ensure an extended lifetime performance. It also has a travel stop liner that is internal that will minimize impact in case of over compression.

The TeraFlex 9550 gas shock makes use of a heavy duty twin tube construction design that is meant to provide protection from any trail damage. The e-dipped black finish resists corrosive and salts during extreme conditions. Constant suspension creates repeated stress against the body and the double welded eyelets reinforce and also support the body.

*NOTE - Due to varying lift heights we always recommend you measure the shock length you need to ensure proper fitment on your application*

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