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Teraflex Adjustable Rear Utility Cargo Rack Silver - JK

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Part Number: 4820000
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You would like to have storage options available on your vehicle that will allow for safe and secure storage. You would like to have stylish options available. This utility cargo rack has a sleek and classy appearance, with a silver finish that allows it to stand out. This cargo rack offers you many storage options, all of which are secure and safe. This cargo rack provides a universal accessory mounting compatibility that will allow you to get things done right. The height of this rack can be adjusted to accommodate different needs in regard to cargo storage. Special design allows for reduced weight and UV resistant hard finish keeps rack protected. This cargo rack is made in a way that offers rigidity and the structure that you need, it is ready to haul all that you need to haul. This rack will keep you going, it will keep your vehicle working out for you in the best way.

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