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Teraflex Big Brake Kit Front, Slotted - JK

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The TeraFlex JK Front Big Brake kit has been designed to be the ultimate brake upgrade for owners looking for a performance braking system designed to handle the increased rotational mass acquired with larger wheel and tire packages.

This Big Brake Kit features oversized 56mm dual piston calipers for increased clamping force, and 13.3" Mill-balanced vented rotors provide greater braking leverage for cooler braking and decreased distances. Expect a better responsive brake pedal, along with an increased "œbite" under braking. The rotors will have two wheel bolt patterns, -5x5, and 5x5.5.

The pads are composite-resin, semi-metallic pads have excellent cold stopping power resulting in maximum initial speed scrub, increased pad life, and reduced noise and brake dust.

Because this is a larger brake kit, a minimum of 17" diameter wheels must be utilized with the TeraFlex Big Brake Kit.

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