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Teraflex Clear Axis Side Visor Kit, Pair - JL

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The JL/JLU: Axis Side Visor Kit includes both left and right replacement visors for the Axis Sun Visor System.

The innovative TeraFlex JL/JLU: Axis Sun Visor System addresses many of the shortcomings of the OEM sun visors such as compromised outward visibility, which could negatively affect driving safety. With its optically clear sun visors, the system provides an unobstructed field of vision with reduced glare, reflection, and eye strain for both driver and front passenger.

The multi-position lenses can be adjusted to simultaneously block the sun 's UV rays and glare from the front and sides as well as directly above with the top off. Lenses are made from impact resistant acrylic for long-term durability.


* Axis left side visor
* Axis right side visor

Features & Benefits:

* Optically clear acrylic lens reduces eye strain
* Reduces general glare
* Allows unobstructed visibility
* Multi-position adjustment
* TeraFlex Lifetime Warranty

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