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Teraflex Complete High Steer System w/Heavy Duty Tie Rod and Flipped Drag Link - JK

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For Jeep owners with axle steering problems, install TeraFlex Complete High Steer Iron Knuckles System. Jeep owners know they want a smooth ride and when you start adding upgrades to your 4x4, it can cause factory parts to falter - especially if you want to go off road! With the TeraFlex High Steer System, this addresses and fixes the problems found from having a weak stock axle steering configuration. For Wranglers, high steer cast iron knuckles can help to offer durability to key areas that are prone to a lot of stress.


The high steer knuckles include tie rod ground clearance of more than 1 1/8 inch. This can help with bending and damage.
Instead of the factory tie rod, the HD 1.6 inch O.D. 4140, a heat treated chromoly tie rod is used that's 200% better and sturdier.
For use with 17 inch tires, the forged tie rod end housing ensures proper clearance.
Tie rod end joints include similar features to the TeraFlex ball joints. These include a 4140 Chrome Moly Ball/stud and a housing that's 1045 carbon steel.
The preload tension (adjustable) is sturdier and will last longer.
With 14-degress of movement to limit tie rod roll, while still permitting maximum turns, the joint is pushed into the rod end housing securely with a snap ring.
The Drag link flip kit moves the drag link on top of the knuckle, and it's bolted to the new high steer knuckle.
There's also no more shimmy motion due to the HD drag link that's stronger than the factory version.
The forged drag link threads into the adjusting sleeve (factory).
This kit works with Wranglers that have a 4 to 6 inch lift, and still consistently give steering geometry at the right angles for the best highway driving.
This kit also includes a frame brace to help strengthen the frame for the added stress.

Note: Tires of 17 inch diameter and not greater than 5 inches of backspacing are allowed with this particular high steer knuckle kit.

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